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Digital Detox Phone Case

Block out the digital noise

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Disconnect from the digital noise

Malayaleesangamam Digital Detox Phone Case gives you the power to disconnect from the digital noise. The cushioned fabric case blocks signals so you can enjoy uninterrupted time to unplug and unwind.

Signal-blocking tech lets you disconnect

Reclaim your time and be present in the moment. By blocking signals (GPS, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC, EMR, EMF), the Digital Detox Phone Case creates clear boundaries between online and offline mode, helping you avoid constant distractions for improved concentration and clarity.

Safeguarded and secure phones up to iPhone 12 Pro

The cushioned zippered case fits all modern mobile devices — up to iPhone 12 Pro — and protects your device from damage. Free yourself from the screen and focus on the world around you.

Time-tested technology

The electromagnetism research of English scientist Michael Faraday formed the foundation for the modern signal-blocking tech that lets you disconnect and rediscover reality.

Product Specs

100% cotton
95% cotton + 5% elastan
Copper Nickel Polyester


L26.5 x W13 x H3 (up to iPhone 13 Pro – L14.6 x W7.1) (cm)
L10.4 x W5.11 x H1.18 (up to iPhone 13 Pro – L5.78 x W2.82) (inch)

Safe and snug — without a sound

Your phone stays safe, secure and protected from damage in the sleek, zippered pouch, while you unplug and reconnect with the world free from notifications and distractions.

Out of sight, out of mind

Freeze your feed! Malayaleesangamam Digital Detox Phone Case mutes the noise of endless notifications and sets your mind free to focus on the now.

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