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Winter Soothing Pack

Heatbag + Self-Care Journal

Warmth for your body. Light for your mind.

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Ease the pain, relieve the stress and know yourself to grow better. Our pack has been specially designed to facilitate a holistic Self-Care for the cold season, helping your body and mind find the right balance and start new healthy habits.

Good for you. Good for the planet

With our pack, you are not only saving 15% and shipping costs, but you are also reducing the carbon footprint generated by transportation – which we will offset through our Carbon Neutral initiative.

Heat therapy for safe pain relief

Use Heatbag to ease muscle tension, reduce inflammation and relieve different types of aches and pains such as menstrual cramps or lower back discomfort. Hug it and its foam and soft jersey fabric will help relieve stress and anxiety.

Suivi des habitudes, des objectifs et des émotions

Discover yourself, be aware of your strengths and those other aspects that need more attention, and start, stop or continue taking steps to improve your wellbeing.

High-quality, sustainable materials

Heatbag is composed of a recycled foam cover, while its inner core uses natural clay to avoid wasting water. Self-Care Journal is crafted by hand in Portugal from smooth FSC-certified paper.

Heatbag Product Specs

34,8 x 19,1 x 7,3 (cm)
L3,7 x 7,5 x 2,9 (in)

Natural clay, glycerin, water.
Recycled foam, cotton and elastan, nylon

FDA and CE clay bag certification


Comfort for body and mind

Réduire le stress et soulager les douleurs musculaires et articulaires pour créer une sensation de bien-être qui contribue à une meilleure santé sur le long terme.

Self-Care Journal Product Specs

A5 - 14.8 x 21.0 cm / 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 in

420g / 0.95 lb

Cardboard and paper

Juste deux pages pour tout ce qui importe.

1. Sleep
2. Nutrition
3. Exercise
4. Feelings
5. What would you improve
6. Open reflection on your day
7. Overall mood
8. Intentions pour le lendemain

Se connaître pour mieux grandir.

Commencez à construire votre propre chemin vers le bien-être et atteignez vos objectifs de vie en approfondissant vos émotions et en augmentant votre conscience de soi.
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