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Cadeaux de Noël Self-Care : il est temps de partager le bien-être

It has been an unusual year, in which taking care of oneself has become especially important. When you gift any of the Malayaleesangamam products, you are not just giving away an item, but you are showing your loved ones a comfortable and welcoming way to introduce Self-Care into their daily lives, and with a little help, they can become the best version of themselves. Now more than ever, wellbeing is a priority. Let's share it.

Chaussettes de Compression en bambou

Don't think of these socks as the typical Christmas present, but rather as a stylish way to keep the legs active – even when they are not moving. For all those who want to maintain adequate physical health but have to spend long hours sitting or standing, Bamboo Compression Socks, with their unique blend of fibers and the soft touch of bamboo, create a gradual compression that activates the blood flow.


Extra-doux, confortable et intelligent, Heatbag est bien plus qu'un simple sac chauffant. Avec Heatbag, vous offrez un moyen sûr de garder le corps au chaud, mais surtout, vous procurez à cette personne un confort absolu pour le corps et l'esprit, le soulagement du stress et des douleurs musculaires et articulaires. Un véritable compagnon apaisant à serrer dans ses bras.

Voulez-vous des conseils personnalisés? Nous serions heureux de vous aider avec vos cadeaux de Noël Self-Care. Discutez directement avec nous par chat et nous vous aiderons à choisir le cadeau parfait pour vos proches.

Go - Oreiller pour le cou

A neck pillow can also be the perfect gift for those who stay at home, especially if they want to take care of their physical health. Go's 360° ergonomic design offers full neck support to maintain proper spinal posture and prevent neck and back pain – whether it’s working, reading, or watching TV on the couch.

Prêt à offrir

Not a fan of gift wrapping? This year we will take care of that with our gift wrap paper, designed and printed by us. You just need to worry about placing it under the Christmas tree.

Light - Oreiller polyvalent

A good rest is vital to take care of one's health. But not everyone has enough time to do this. To give Light to these people is to provide them with their own space to rest at any time and place and to keep their body and mind energized all day long. A versatile, portable pillow that makes Self-Care something you can take with you.


Starting to take care of oneself needs the first step. That's Candle. Those who struggle to introduce a Self-Care routine into their day-to-day lives will find Candle a scented reminder. A trigger that helps to visualize the goal to be achieved, and that everyone can personalize thanks to its sticker. A visual and aromatic aid that creates the perfect atmosphere.

We offer 100 days return.

Mini - Oreiller pour la main

Improving Self-Care can be a simple matter of providing short breaks to recharge batteries and clear the mind. Ultra-portable and handy, Mini boosts those breaks, making it easy to rest whether you're commuting, at work, studying in the library, or even just lounging at home. Only share it with whoever needs it most.

Original - Oreiller pour la sieste

Il existe de nombreuses stratégies pour gérer le stress, mais s'isoler du monde extérieur pendant un certain temps fonctionne définitivement. Original est le moyen le plus accueillant de faciliter cette déconnexion. Avec son design révolutionnaire, cet oreiller en forme de cocon bloque la lumière et le bruit, créant une expérience immersive où chacun peut se soucier uniquement de soi-même. Partagez-le et laissez les gens faire une pause dans leur emploi du temps chargé.

Loop - Coussin pour les yeux

Se reconnecter avec soi-même pour oublier les soucis de la vie quotidienne peut être difficile avec tout ce qui se passe autour de nous. Avec Loop, vous pouvez aider vos proches à créer une sensation d'obscurité totale qui éteint le monde extérieur et allume l'intérieur. Une aide à la méditation et à la relaxation qui offre une pause agréable.


Taking care of yourself while maintaining your style is possible. Hood, an ultra adaptable twist on a classic wardrobe staple, is the perfect companion for those who want to decide when to focus, setting the boundaries between them and the rest of the world. Help them keep their minds balanced no matter what their outfit.

Cadeaux de Self-Care : il est temps de partager le bien-être