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5 tips to relieve chronic pain

Chronic pain can affect anyone. Natural chronic pain treatment can help alleviate chronic pain. Try these 5 tips to reduce pain from headaches, injury, or surgery.

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Mental Health in the workplace: the other side of success

How does overall happiness levels affect mental health in the workplace? And does the drive to become successful and stay on top contribute to mental health issues?

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How to improve mental health: Try exercising your mind at a mental gym

Improve your mental health and deepen understanding by participating in an online class or group session with a mental gym as a form of Self-Care.

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Can food help in moments of high stress?

Good nutrition is vital to keep our physical health in good condition, but what we eat can also help us with our mental health.

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How setting intentions can help you find your focus

Setting intentions can be a good way to help you home in on what matters to you, follow through on personal promises, and practice Self-Care.

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